Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Birthday slippers

We all chipped in and got my Dad a beautiful chess set for his birthday, in addition he got a few extra bits and bobs.
Two Christmas' ago I made all of my immediate family a pair of felt slippers each, and my Dad, bless his cotton socks (bless his felt slippers) still wears his - tatty and ratty that they know are. I love that! When I made them I didn't realise their durability and I assumed that after the initial 'Oh! You made us slippers! How lovely!' they would be put in a dark wardrobe.. But no, I have resoled my Dads slippers once, and re non-slipped them twice.. They have definitely been worn to death and I have loved loved loved that he was worn them.

For his birthday, with input from my sister, I made him a new pair. I felted a woollen coat from my mother and up-cycled it. This time I have made the sole twice the thickness, gluing two pieces together before I stitched them, in the hopes that they won't need re-soling so quickly.

Putting the 'glue' (its actually copydex, a specific type of glue that dries to a rubber non slip finish) on the sole makes them non slip and increases their life span.
I have already mentioned that my sister had surgery last week and is recuperating, and obviously I am going in for surgery next week.. We put a little ditty on the wrapping - new slippers, to take care of his feet, because we'll be keeping him on his toes for the next few weeks.. tee hee.

Continuing with the foot theme, we also did a series of foot prints this week, all of his offspring with names and current ages, which we have framed and called 'The footprints of your legacy'.. There is also space in the middle incase I am lucky enough to get another niece or nephew in the future..

Love you Daddy. Happy birthday x x x

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