Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Its the fourth day of our seven day holiday and I think its safe to say we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. The accommodation is out of this world and there is oodles of space for everyone and everything.
We have settled into a little routine, where after a family breakfast, my parents go out for a jaunt, Paul goes out for exercise (with or without the Bigs - he and Lochie are out this morning, Paul is running, Lochie is cycling) and my sister and I potter with the babies. Whoever is home for lunch has a family lunch, but everyone is back in for dinner. I have been doing the cooking, and we having been eating Jamies 15 min meals - obvs!

What I have really cherished this week, apart from quality time with my family and the opportunity to rest, is the time with my sister. Em and I haven't lived together since we were teenagers at home, and whilst we have been together for holidays and celebrations and Christmas and the like every year since, work and other commitments have meant that we haven't spent such amazing time together. It never fails to amaze me how life can throw you a curve ball in terms of being poorly, and in the process of dealing with the fall out where she is recuperating and I am avoiding the life activities that cause me pain, you can create such treasured memories.

My Dads faux birthday is tomorrow (its actually on Friday, but we will be travelling home as this house was only available to rent Fri-Fri, so he settled on Weds as a good faux day) and we have a few exciting treats in store - more on those once the surprise is done.

For now, I will leave you with a few shots of the last few lazy, blissful days x x x

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