Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spring is in the air

Although hard frost is forecast for the weekend, but for today the sun is shining and the weather is gloriously mild.  Perfect for a bike ride with my Dad.  Only a week a go I talked about exercise begetting exercise and it does indeed seem to be the case.  Paul and I have sat and sadly watched film after youtube film about triathlons and iron man races and it just seems amazing to me, what the human body is capable of.  So it would appear that we are going to have a bash at a fun distance triathlon (well, Paul will probably do a proper distance).  I have started swimming, jogging and upping my cycling in earnest.

This week has seen us paint and finish Lochies new bedroom, he loves it and spends all his time sitting on his bed listening to stories on my old ghetto blaster.  The girls are both in the bunks in the second room now and Paul and I are back to 'normal' in our bedroom.  Cept one of us is alternately sleeping with Niamh and our bedroom is full of the junk that was stored in Lochies room before we cleared it out for him.. but thats by the by!

In terms of sewing, I have designed and cut my skull patchwork squares for a joint patchwork project, these just need applique stitching and  I continue to work on a couple of top secret projects

I found a couple of pristine workshirts for Paul in a charity shop, so have chopped the arms off because he likes short sleeves, making a large double hem and I'm very pleased with them.

I would like to give mention to 'D', a friend of a friend who I have met several times on frivilous occassions and whose youngest son is the same age as Niamh.  I discovered this morning that she has terminal cancer and I have shed some tears for the injustice of life.  Nothing I can say here on my little blog about mundane life, is appropiate, however I needed to mark it permanently.  She is in my thoughts x x

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