Sunday, January 1, 2012

New year

Yesterday, new years eve, we made bread. I adore the making and eating of bread. You can only really do it well when you have plenty of time, and I think thats a life lesson. They don't know the quantities, but the kidlets know the ingredients and the order of bread making. Once all the ingredients are in the bowl, I form the ball, then we split it by however many of us are making it and we each knead a small piece, passing the dough round regularly so each piece gets kneaded by everyone. I don't make bread as regularly as I once did, although I aspire to make it more often this year. We do however, always make bread (or cake or similar) on special occasions and I love that this is normal. I enjoy feeding people, and I enjoy eating food, particularly food everyone has contributed too!

Last night was good. We ate bread, cheese, meats, dips, crisps and chocolate. We drank bubbly from fluted glasses. We wore our pyjama's, sat on the sofa, I sewed, Paul chatted. We watched Jools Holland and welcomed in the new year. I am excited.

This morning I (finally! Whoop whoop!) stitched the last of the Christmas cushions, which Lochie and Bebe happily stuffed for me. I will finish sewing the hem today and take a decent picture. Seems mad that they will now go into a bag, into a loft and sit in the dark for 11 months!

I had planned on going on my bike this morning. Start the year as I mean to go on. But actually, my legs are tired from yesterdays ride and I think I will make coffee and go back to bed, where Paul and Niamh are currently sleeping!

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