Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Exercise is a funny old thing.  The kind of thing I dread doing, hate the actual doing of, regularly cry over and then love having done, once its over.  Since Paul become a cycling addict, we have all become cyclists to some degree and this is my year to get fit and achieve some miles. Starting with a 47 mile sportiv on the 01st April.  I started last autumn and now go at least twice a week, averaging circa 15 miles each time.  I guess its become the norm, and actually I need to start upping my miles if I ever want to achieve my goals.
Tonight though, I went swimming with a friend.  I haven't been swimming (for excerise) in at least 18 months, probably 2 years.  The last time I went I really struggled with my cardio and whilst the swimming was fine, being out of breath and almost wheezy was not.  I was doubly not looking forward to getting in the water!  But it was different this evening, I found the cardio great, I really enjoyed being in the water and my lung capacity totally shocked me because there was no shortness of breath or wheezing.  And thats the funny thing you see, I've been out and about on my bike, dreading, hating and simultaneously loving the cycling and somehow along the way, I got fitter than I was.  And now I want to swim more - does exercise beget exercise?

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